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Criminal Court
njticketattorneyMarch 1 2017Crimes and Penalties(0)

You might not understand the meaning of local laws. For starters, they’re the same thing as municipal ordinances. When you’re charged with a violation of your town or city’s local code, it is al

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New Jersey Court
njticketattorneyFebruary 24 2017Latest Traffic News(0)

For our clients in the Union County area, we think it is important to know as much as possible about the local courts. We’ve already provided you with information about the Elizabeth Municipal Court

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Traffic Ticket
njticketattorneyFebruary 21 2017Traffic Violation(0)

It may have been years since you got your driver’s license. Or, maybe you just passed the test. There’s still a chance that you may not remember the law regarding which turns are legal. And, of co

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municipal court judge
njticketattorneyFebruary 10 2017Information(0)

This is our first in a series on local municipal courts. Since our office is located in Elizabeth, we will start with a spotlight on the Elizabeth Municipal Court. This information should be quite use

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njticketattorneyFebruary 6 2017DUI / DWI(0)

First, the changes in drunk driving penalties has not happened yet. However, the Legislature is evaluating them. Will they hurt or help your case if you are facing a drunk driving conviction? Obviousl

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njticketattorneyJanuary 25 2017DUI / DWI(0)

Not everyone realizes the actual consequences of underage drinking. It doesn’t matter if you decide to pick up a beer when you’re in your teens or nearing your twenty-first birthday. The penalties

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njticketattorneyJanuary 19 2017Medical Marijuana(0)

You might be surprised. Even though medical marijuana is legal in New Jersey, you can still be arrested for using it. And, if you’re suffering from a debilitating condition, it’s obviously the las

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Criminal Court
njticketattorneyJanuary 13 2017Bail(0)

According to a recent news article, New Jersey bail bondsmen aren’t too happy with the idea of bail reform. They may be alone. New Jersey’s bail reform law represents good news to many arrested fo

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njticketattorneyJanuary 5 2017Criminal Mischief Charge(0)

Maybe you didn’t realize you could wind up with a criminal mischief charge. After all, you consider what you did art. However, the police think otherwise. Apparently, your spray can paintings are no

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