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motorcycle accident
njticketattorneyMay 23 2022Accident(0)

As you may already know, there’s a New Jersey law that many refer to simply as the “move over” law.  To say it’s caused some confusion would be understating the obvious. The complete text

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dwi attorney
njticketattorneyMay 3 2022Drunk Driving(0)

The idea that someone could be charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) when their vehicle isn’t moving might seem counterintuitive. Candidly, it might strike the average person as completely pr

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traffic ticket lawyer
njticketattorneyMarch 9 2022Traffic Offenses(0)

You made a split second decision behind the wheel and you immediately see the sirens in your rear view mirror. The resulting traffic ticket is inevitable. However, paying for it and having it go on yo

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traffic ticket attorney
njticketattorneyFebruary 24 2022Traffic Offenses(0)

New Jersey law requires all motorists and registered owners to maintain liability insurance coverage. Driving without insurance, also known as driving an uninsured vehicle, is a serious motor vehicle

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njticketattorneyJanuary 31 2022Latest Traffic News(0)

New Jersey law is designed to allow non-violent offenders to seek rehabilitation and avoid jail time, particularly in drug possession cases. However, just because the system is set up like this, it do

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traffic ticket attorney
njticketattorneyJanuary 28 2022Traffic Offenses(0)

When you get a traffic ticket in New Jersey, you should be concerned about three key issues: 1) your driving record, 2) your auto insurance rates, and 3) any potential exposure to fines, court costs a

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reckless driving attorney
njticketattorneyJanuary 14 2022Ticketing(0)

Reckless driving can result in major fines and penalties. However, unlike most laws, New Jersey does not have a definite or specific definition to what constitutes reckless driving. The reason is that

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traffic ticket attorney
njticketattorneyDecember 10 2021Latest Traffic News(0)

Accumulation of Motor Vehicle Points can significantly impact your life, especially if you are a Commercial Driver License holder or a CDL driver. Certain types of traffic violation, such as Driving W

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speeding ticket attorney
njticketattorneyDecember 8 2021Latest Traffic News(0)

Speeding is one of the most common types of traffic violations you can face in New Jersey. In fact, almost everyone knows someone who has gotten a speeding ticket at one time or another. Despite the c

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