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Drunk Driving
njticketattorneyMay 14 2024Drunk Driving(0)

If not handled properly, a traffic violation can significantly impact your driving record and even become a serious legal problem. Many motorists mistakenly believe that they should just pay a fine an

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traffic ticket
njticketattorneyFebruary 7 2024Personal Injury(0)

A traffic ticket in and of itself is only an allegation that you did not obey traffic laws or rules of the road. If you plead guilty on the charges, then your plea can serve as proof of a violation. M

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Traffic Tickets
njticketattorneyJanuary 27 2024Ticketing(32)

When it comes to traffic citations, most people automatically think of minor offenses like speeding or running a stop sign. However, it is always important to understand that traffic tickets are n

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reckless driving
njticketattorneyDecember 13 2023Reckless Driving(0)

Drivers in the Garden State must abide by the rules and regulations of the road set by the state legislature. When a driver fails to abide by these laws, it can result in fines, penalties, and other c

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New Jersey DWI
njticketattorneyNovember 28 2023DUI / DWI(0)

If you have been arrested for a New Jersey driving under the influence (DUI), you need to take every step possible to avoid a conviction. There are any consequences linked to a drunk driving arrest an

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reckless driving
njticketattorneyNovember 8 2023Traffic Violation(0)

Getting a traffic ticket is never a good thing – but getting a ticket for reckless driving is an even more serious offense with greater consequences. However, just because you got charged with reckl

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DWI in New Jersey
njticketattorneyOctober 26 2023DUI / DWI(0)

Drunk driving is a traffic offense under New Jersey law. Although it is not criminal, if convicted, it can wreak havoc on all aspects of your life. This serious offense carries expensive fines, suspen

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New Jersey Speeding Ticket
njticketattorneyOctober 20 2023Speeding Tickets(0)

You are bound to get a traffic ticket at some point in your life, regardless of how vigilant you are behind the wheel. Speeding tickets are the most common. But the cost of the ticket is not the only

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reckless driving
njticketattorneyAugust 9 2023Reckless Driving(0)

Reckless driving remains one of the leading causes of collisions in New Jersey. To combat this unfortunate statistic, the state takes unsafe driving practices very seriously. But if you have been caug

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