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njticketattorneyDecember 16 2016Holiday Crime(0)

We admit it. We made up the phrase holiday crime. Suffice it to say we are talking about arrests that seem to happen more frequently around the holidays. Indulge us. They may pertain to you. There is

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njticketattorneyDecember 14 2016DUI / DWI(0)

The doctor gave you a prescription for medication. The warning label states there is a possibility of drowsiness. You aren’t concerned. After all, you’ve taken this same medication in the past wit

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njticketattorneyNovember 23 2016DUI / DWI(0)

We won’t name any names, but you may recognize the case. In a local town, a then police officer made a rather public showing on social media. In fact, he seemingly documented his adventures at a nig

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njticketattorneyNovember 14 2016license suspension(0)

You may be dreading your day in court. After all, you know your license is up for possible suspension. Is there any way to prevent it? It’s a question asked by many motorists. Of course, there ar

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Traffic Ticket
njticketattorneyNovember 9 2016Latest Traffic News(0)

We’ve talked about a few ways that police use technology to stop vehicles. License plate readers. I think we should link to it when it is. GPS technology. What about computers themselves? Are they u

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njticketattorneyNovember 3 2016Police Stops(0)

Technology plays an important role in our daily lives. Police stops are no exception. In Part One of our Series on Technology and Police Stops, we’ll review Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPRs).

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njticketattorneyNovember 1 2016GPS Technology(0)

You might have wondered about global positioning systems (GPS) and their correlation to police work. As we continue our series on Technology and Police Stops, we will review the impact of GPS Technolo

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njticketattorneyOctober 28 2016Eluding the Police(0)

You can run, but you can’t hide. That basically sums up the concept of eluding police. It’s very seldom that the police don’t catch up with someone attempting to elude them. And, eluding charges

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njticketattorneyOctober 26 2016Traffic Stops(0)

This shouldn’t surprise you. When it comes to traffic stops, your rights are protected under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. This means that in most cases the police can’t

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