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njticketattorneyJune 22 2016DUI / DWI(0)

Legal problems often point to a bigger picture. Substance abuse help for alcohol or drug recovery often becomes a reality after a brush with the law. At the Law Offices of Beninato & Matrafaljo, w

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njticketattorneyJune 22 2016DWI Conviction(0)

When faced with a prospective DWI conviction, many people have one concern. Are they going to be labeled a criminal? The answer might surprise you if you live in New Jersey. When the police officer

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njticketattorneyJune 20 2016Illegal Possession(0)

Get arrested for legally prescribed drugs? Sounds impossible or unlikely, to most. It seems incredible that the police would have any reason to arrest someone for possessing medication prescribed by a

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njticketattorneyJune 17 2016Speeding Tickets(0)

The radio is blasting and you’re enthusiastically singing along to your favorite song. Your eyes are definitely not on your odometer, especially since the road is wide open and you are enjoying your

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njticketattorneyJune 15 2016Controlled Dangerous Substances law(0)

New Jersey law categorizes drugs in several different classifications under CDS or Controlled Dangerous Substances. A drug that is categorized under CDS is not permitted to be sold, possessed, or dist

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njticketattorneyJune 15 2016Driving Privileges(0)

In the state of New Jersey, many drug charges carry a possibility of a mandatory suspension of your driving privileges – this includes a marijuana drug charge. In other words, if you are convicted o

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njticketattorneyJune 13 2016Drug charges(0)

Under New Jersey law, any criminal charge that is related to illegal drugs or controlled substances can be serious. However, if the crime is committed on or near a school zone, the resulting consequen

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njticketattorneyJune 13 2016Traffic Ticket Case(0)

When our children near the age of 16, one of the most dreaded events we face as parents is taking them to the DMV for their driver’s license test. The event is not actually the big problem, as is gi

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njticketattorneyJune 10 2016Traffic Offenses(0)

Getting a traffic violation can be a real big headache. There are many different consequences associated with a New Jersey traffic ticket conviction, including getting a point on your driving record,

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