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njticketattorneyOctober 4 2016Crimes and Penalties(0)

Unlike other states, New Jersey does not use the terms “misdemeanor” or “felony” to classify crimes. In fact, charges at the municipal level often represent disorderly persons offenses. Not su

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Criminal Court
njticketattorneySeptember 23 2016Court Offenses(0)

Quick quiz. If you were asked, could you name the types of cases that go before municipal court judges? For one, did you know that hearings in the local court are considered offenses? The most serious

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njticketattorneySeptember 20 2016Alcotest Testing(0)

Breaking news for nearly 21, 000 individuals who were asked to provide a breath sample and were subsequently charged with DWI. Criminal allegations against a New Jersey State Police Sergeant have rais

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njticketattorneyAugust 22 2016DUI / DWI(0)

It wouldn’t be the first time it happened. You were involved in a one car accident and become distraught. Your first instinct is to drive home since no one else was involved in the incident. Once yo

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Traffic Ticket
njticketattorneyAugust 19 2016Traffic Violation(0)

We’ve all watched enough police shows to understand our right to remain silent. For some reason, some prospective defendants seem to forget they can invoke this right. Instead, they think they are b

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njticketattorneyAugust 17 2016Criminal Investigations(0)

Just about everyone is acquainted with the convenience of cellphones. But, what happens if they are allegedly used in conjunction with some type of crime? Do the police need to secure a warrant before

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njticketattorneyAugust 8 2016Shoplifting Charges(0)

Look at most local police blotters and you’ll find one story in common. Shoplifting charges seem to be growing in epidemic proportions. Sadly, many involve people stashing away groceries to feed the

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njticketattorneyJune 29 2016Latest Traffic News(0)

You might not think that receiving stolen property can get you in trouble. After all, you didn’t steal anything. However, you might be surprised to learn of the penalties for being in possession of

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njticketattorneyJune 22 2016DUI / DWI(0)

Legal problems often point to a bigger picture. Substance abuse help for alcohol or drug recovery often becomes a reality after a brush with the law. At the Law Offices of Beninato & Matrafaljo, w

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