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BryanOctober 6 2017criminal defense lawyer(0)

Very few people like labels. More than likely, you don’t want to be referred to as a criminal. It could be that you did something stupid. Maybe you got caught up with the wrong people. Perhaps your

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BryanSeptember 26 2017Harassment Charges(0)

Your downstairs neighbor claims that you are causing problems. He says you ring his doorbell when he is sleeping and make calls to his job and curse at him. You’re up in your apartment when the poli

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BryanSeptember 20 2017brain injury(0)

Your brain is, unquestionably, the most important part of your body. Without full brain function, it’s virtually impossible to live up to your full potential and have the life you deserve. Far too m

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BryanSeptember 15 2017Traffic Ticket Case(0)

No doubt you have plans on how you intend to spend your money. It could be that you are even looking at some nice investment opportunities. Without question, no one wants to consider the expense assoc

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BryanSeptember 11 2017Traffic Offenses(0)

You are ready to let out a sigh of relief. You didn’t get a ticket at the scene of the accident. When you pick up the report from police headquarters, there is no indication that you or the other dr

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BryanSeptember 6 2017Latest Traffic News(0)

When it comes to teen drivers, parents have a number of concerns. Of course, the first is that they could become involved in a devastating accident. There’s also the question of escalating insurance

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BryanAugust 21 2017DUI / DWI(0)

You’ve heard all about blowing into a machine to test for alcohol intoxication. As it now stands, a breathalyzer cannot test for drugs. In a prior article, we explained how charges are pursued again

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BryanAugust 18 2017Shoplifting Charges(0)

We see it all the time in the headlines – people are drawn to behaviors they wouldn’t typically engage in because of harsh economic pressures. One of the most common of these is shoplifting. While

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BryanAugust 14 2017license suspension(0)

Accumulating twelve motor vehicle points is easier than one might think. One citation for improper passing and you’re already a third of the way there. This is a crowded state, not to mention one in

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