Driving Without Insurance


What Happens if You Drive Without Insurance?

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When it comes to driving without insurance, it’s usually one of three things involved. First, it could be that your funds are low and you can’t afford it. However, it could also be that you’ve made a mistake or are a big procrastinator. Maybe you’ve been so busy lately that you...
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Don’t Get Caught Driving Without Insurance In New Jersey!

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You bought that car that you always wanted, or needed. You know the smart (and legal) thing to do is to call your insurance agent and insure your car. But you wait. You procrastinate. You think it simply won’t happen to you – that you won’t get caught driving without insurance...
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What To Do If You Were Caught Driving Without Insurance In New Jersey

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Under New Jersey law, all registered vehicles are required to have insurance. Insurance is mandatory not to put more money in the pockets of insurance companies, but to protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians in the event of an accident. When an individual is seriously...
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