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BryanAugust 22 2018Suppressing Evidence(0)

You might already have some inkling about how suppressing evidence can help you. In some cases, it could be your only hope that the court is coming back with a “Not Guilty” verdict. However, there

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BryanAugust 8 2018DUI / DWI(0)

Just about everyone remembers what it’s like to get behind the wheel for the first time.  For a teenager, it often represents an exhilarating experience. For the parents, it may mean a cause for an

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BryanAugust 3 2018DWI Conviction(0)

Just about everyone knows there are severe ramifications for driving while intoxicated. In fact, NJSA 39:4-50 shows an escalating amount of penalties based on the repetitive nature of the offenses. Wi

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BryanAugust 1 2018license suspension(0)

You might already know the problem with accumulating traffic points. Get enough of them, and you can count on relinquishing your license – even it’s “only” a suspension. However, what might no

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BryanJuly 30 2018Harassment Charges(0)

Technology. It’s become the basis for communication for people of all ages. For some, it’s using a smartphone to access social media. Others text or hop on their computers and tablets to exchange

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DUI Attorney
BryanJuly 2 2018License Plate(0)

At times, you may question some laws. For example, license plate obstruction doesn’t seem like such a big deal. However, it can be the reason that a police officer pulls you over and you find yourse

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BryanJune 29 2018Driving in the Left Lane(1)

You might have already noticed there’s a crackdown on driving in the left lane. The whole thing seems perplexing. After all, you might think the purpose of three highway lanes is for fast, medium an

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BryanJune 4 2018Latest Traffic News(0)

You rely on the internet for just about everything. For example, you’ve googled medical symptoms and decided on self-care. So what’s the big deal about combing the internet on how to handle your t

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BryanMay 31 2018Disorderly Conduct Law(0)

You and your friends go out for a Saturday night of hitting the bars in Union County. You stay somewhat local – from Elizabeth to Roselle, to Linden – and back to Elizabeth. Meanwhile, the drinks

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