Radar and Laser Jammers in New Jersey

Currently, there is no New Jersey state law that makes it illegal to own or use radar jammers in non-commercial passenger vehicles. However, certain types of jammers are illegal under federal law. In this article, an experienced New Jersey traffic ticket attorney will discuss the legality of radar and laser jammers.

Radar and laser jammers can be either reactive or active. Active jammers actually transmit a false return and are illegal in all fifty states; in fact, they have recently been banned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), as well. Reactive jammers take a traffic radar’s microwave signal and add a “chirp” to it that confuses the radar. As a result, the police officer will not be able to read the speed of your vehicle.

Radar Jammers
So are radar jammers legal? The answer isn’t so cut and dry:

  • “Passive” radar jammers do not transmit anything. Some make the claim of being “radar re-radiators,” meaning they are radar reflectors. But almost anything metal will reflect radar signals! Thus, passive jammers are legal.
  • “Active” radar jammers do transmit signals. In the United States, in order to transmit anything in the radar bands, the transmitter must be type-accepted by the Federal Communications Commission, and the operator must be licensed. (In the case of police radar, the police department’s or municipality’s license is good enough; individual cops don’t need an FCC license.) These jammers are not FCC type-accepted, because the FCC doesn’t approve devices when the sole intent is to jam other transmitters. Notice too, that they don’t include license applications with the jammer.

Therefore, “active” jammers do work, but they are illegal. In any event, many newer radar units can detect when they’re being jammed, and an indicator lights up.

Laser Jammers
Laser jammers are legal as far as the FCC is concerned, because the FCC does not regulate devices that transmit above a certain frequency.

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