Moving vs. Non-Moving Violations

New Jersey traffic ticket lawyers can assist motorists with various traffic violations. Unless you’ve experienced getting both types of traffic types yourself, you may not know the difference between a moving violation and a non-moving violation.

Moving Violation
The most important thing to remember about moving violations is that being convicted of a moving violation will affect your license and insurance. This is because every moving violation adds points to your driving record. You can expect your insurance premiums to increase the more points you accumulate and if you accumulate a total of 12 points, your license will be suspended. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to fight each ticket with the help of a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer.

A moving violation requires the operation of a motor vehicle. Some common examples of moving violations are:

Non-Moving Violation
Non-moving violations, on the other hand, are generally not as serious and will not result in adding any points to your driving record. It is less important in these cases that you hire a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer to fight the charge, though it can be a good idea if you are facing a large fine. A non-moving violation can be easily distinguished from a moving violation because it is an infraction that occurs when the vehicle isn’t moving.

Some common examples of non-moving violations are:

  • Parking violations (such as parking in an expired meter, parking in a handicap space without the proper placards, parking in a fire lane);
  • Failing to maintain your vehicle (such as broken or burnt out headlights or brake lights);
  • Illegal vehicle modifications (such as window tinting is too dark, vehicle is lowered below acceptable ground clearance); and
  • Lack of either front or rear license plates.

An experienced New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer will have the knowledge to fight your traffic tickets (whether moving or non-moving) in court and help you reduce or eliminate the fines. Contact experienced New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer Dan Matrafajo at (908) 248-4404 for a free case evaluation.




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