How You Can Fight Time Over Distance Calculations in New Jersey Court

Many speeding tickets are issued because motorists have been tracked with devices that measure how fast a vehicle covers a known distance. With the help of an experienced New Jersey traffic ticket attorney, a well-prepared defendant may be able to present arguments based on simple math to fight a ticket. Keep in mind, however, these arguments must be clear and well presented.

If you receive a speeding ticket, you or your traffic ticket attorney should obtain a description of the distance over which you were clocked, the time it took your vehicle to cover that distance, and the speed you are charged with traveling.

For example, let’s say the citation or incident report states that you covered 300 feet in 4.2 seconds and charges you with speeding at 60 miles per hour in a 50 mile-per-hour zone. You can check the math to see if these claims can even be substantiated.  That is, you can calculate the distance you would have covered if you had actually been driving at 60 miles per hour. If the numbers do not match up, then you can argue that the police figures are off and should not be admissible as evidence in your trial.

Time over distance calculations can also highlight serious inconsistencies in the police officer’s testimony in cases involving radar or pacing. For example, say the officer testifies that he clocked your vehicle for 5 seconds and that you were driving 80 miles per hour. You or your traffic ticket attorney can prove, by using time over distance calculations, that the officer could not have seen you for more than two seconds if you had been traveling 80 miles per hour because of a curve or a sign.

There are even free speed, time, and distance calculators available on the Internet.

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