speeding ticket

Police Investigation

Consequences of Getting a Speeding Ticket

Posted By : Dan Matrafajlo
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The radio is blasting and you’re enthusiastically singing along to your favorite song. Your eyes are definitely not on your odometer, especially since the road is wide open and you are enjoying yourself way too much – until you hear the sirens, which have apparently been on for...
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New Jersey Speeding Ticket

The Impact of a New York a Speeding Ticket On Your New Jersey Driving Record

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, New Jersey has more residents working out of state than any other state in the country. More than 1.83 million New Jersey workers leave their county to work, with the majority of commute out of the Garden State pouring into Manhattan, New...
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Traffic Ticket Penalties

Speeding Tickets for Out of State Drivers in New Jersey

Posted By : Dan Matrafajlo
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The State of New Jersey is a main path for traffic, connecting three major areas: New York and Washington D.C. with Philadelphia in between. With so many out of state drivers passing through, the State issues numerous speeding tickets. And the penalties for speeding tickets...
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