Common Radar Errors: Radio Interference

If you want to fight a traffic ticket in New Jersey, you will need to develop a defensive legal strategy. You may be able to defend yourself by pointing out common radar errors and explaining how those errors weaken the state’s case against you. A questionable reading on the radar gun may be significantly helpful in your defense. A New Jersey traffic ticket attorney can speak with you regarding the types of radar errors that you may be able to prove.

In a traffic ticket case, a lawyer may be able to challenge the accuracy or reliability of the radar reading that resulted in the ticket. One way to do so is to establish the idea of radio interference. This type of interference can occur when another source of frequency transmission was close to the location where the radar reading took place.

Possible sources of frequency transmission include police radios, ham radios, amateur radios, or citizens’ band (CB) radios. Cell phone towers, power lines, and power sub stations can also sometimes create radio interference. To show radio interference, a lawyer may need to look at the location of the radar gun, gather and review evidence, speak with witnesses, or develop a plan for cross-examination of the state’s experts.

Radio interference might also serve as a defense-side argument if the traffic officer subjected you to breath test or another test of blood-alcohol concentration after stopping you for speeding. In a DUI case, radio interference might have also affected the accuracy of the breathalyzer machine. To establish radio interference, an attorney can cross-examine the state’s expert witness or present the testimony of another expert hired to assist in your defense.

You shouldn’t be punished for a traffic ticket based on an inaccurate radar gun. Assess your case with the help of a New Jersey traffic ticket attorney who can point out any relevant radio errors – Contact Dan Matrafajlo for a free consultation today.




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