New Jersey Simple Assault Attorney (N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1A)

New Jersey Defense Attorney Dan T. MatrafajloA person may be charged with simple assault if he or she does one of the following:

  • Attempts to cause or purposely, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to another.
  • Negligently causes bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon.
  • Attempts by physical menace, such as brandishing a gun, to put another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.

Simple assault can be charged in one of two ways:

  • As a disorderly persons offense; or
  • As a petty disorderly offense if a fight was by mutual consent.

In New Jersey, simple assault charges are commonplace and, despite the word “simple” in the offense, can be very serious. Any unwanted or offensive physical contact can be considered an assault. Many simple assault charges are included with an application for a restraining order and are related to domestic violence. A person can be charged with assault even if the victim did not suffer long-lasting or severe injuries. All that is required is temporary pain or distress or even a threat of physical injury.

Simple Assault Punishment & Penalties

If you are convicted of simple assault you may be sentenced to up to 6 months in jail, be required to perform community service hours, and be subject to a fine of up to $1,000. You also may have to pay restitution and serve probation time. In addition, if you are convicted, you will have a criminal record which may cause employers and others to believe that you are an overly aggressive person. You need the help of an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney to help protect your rights.

Your punishment may be affected by the following:

  • Where the assault occurred.
  • Whether the victim was a minor or on school property.
  • The seriousness of the victim’s injuries.
  • The skill and expertise of your New Jersey criminal defense attorney.
  • Your criminal record and whether you are being charged with other crimes at the same time.
  • Whether assault designated as an act of domestic violence (assault upon wife, girlfriend, child, boyfriend, etc)

Assault Attorney Dan T. Matrafajlo Can Help

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