Failure to Stop for Police Whistle (NJSA 39:4-122)

Section 39:4-122 of the New Jersey Annotated Statutes mandates that a driver must bring his vehicle to a full stop upon hearing one blast of a whistle given by a police officer with his hand raised. After stopping, the driver may not proceed until the officer signals him to do so.

Fines and Other Penalties

Failure to stop for a police whistle carries an $85 fine, or a $140 fine if the incident occurred in a safe corridor or construction zone. This is probably a small enough fine that you might consider just paying the ticket and forgetting about it, but there are hidden consequences to such an action. Paying a traffic ticket is equivalent to pleading guilty to the charged offense, so you will forfeit your right to a trial.

Pleading guilty to or being convicted of a violation of NJSA 39:4-128.1 will cause the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to add two points to your driving record. If you accumulate six points in any three-year period, you will be made to pay a $150 fine. If you have 12 points on your record at any time, your license will be suspended. The points on your record don’t expire, so several smaller violations can add up to big trouble over time. Three points will be subtracted, however, for each year you go without a traffic violation or a license suspension.

Insurance Costs

Licensed auto insurance providers in New Jersey use a similar point system to assess how big a risk you pose, and you will receive two points for a violation of NJSA 39:4-128.1. These points will lead to increased insurance premiums for three years, and if you accumulate enough points, you may find yourself unable to buy coverage through any private insurer.

New Jersey Traffic Attorney Dan Matrafajlo Can Help

If you have been accused of failing to stop for a police whistle, you may benefit from the help of an experienced New Jersey traffic attorney who can help protect you from fines, points on your driving record, and increased insurance premiums. I have years of experience defending New Jersey drivers. Call (908) 248-4404 to learn how I can help you, too.





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