Elizabeth Municipal Court

About New Jersey Municipal Courts

Municipal Courts in New Jersey have jurisdiction over municipal ordinance violations, motor vehicle and parking tickets, and minor criminal offenses (such as shoplifting and drug possession). A Municipal Court only has jurisdiction over cases that occur within the boundaries of the city or town it serves. More serious criminal cases may start out in Municipal Court, but they are eventually referred to county Superior Courts.


Elizabeth Municipal Court Contact Info


208 Commerce Place

Elizabeth, NJ 07201


Phone Number: (905) 558-6800

Office Hours: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Chief Judge: Roman A. Montes

Aiding Judges: Carl Marshal, J.M.C., Daniel Russel, J.M.C. Richard Obuch, J.M.C.

Court Administrator: Margaret Gonzalez


About the Elizabeth Municipal Court

Elizabeth is the state’s fourth-largest city, and the Elizabeth Municipal Court is the busiest in Union County and one of the busiest Municipal Courts in New Jersey. Between July 2010 and March 2011, 22,414 moving violation and 153 DWI cases were filed in the Elizabeth Municipal Court. This works out to about 100 traffic-related offenses filed each day the court was open. About half as many criminal charges (9,859) were filed during the same nine-month period.


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