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Statute of Limitations for a New Jersey DWI

One of the most common questions that individuals who have been arrested for drunk driving charges in New Jersey ask is how long the state has to file a DUI summons against them before they are time barred. This is commonly referred to as the statute of limitations.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a New Jersey DUI, the prosecution must bring drunk driving charges against you within a certain time period before they are legally barred to do so.

New Jersey Statute of Limitations for Drunk Driving

Drunk driving charges

The general rule for bringing a motor vehicle .This statute of limitations is rather quick as compared to other states. As such, if you have been arrested for a New Jersey DWI, it is in your best interest to immediately hire an experienced lawyer to help you fight the charges and avoid the consequences of a DUI conviction.summons is thirty days from the time of the infraction. However, certain exceptions apply depending on the type of moving violation. Under the New Jersey law, the statute of limitations for filing a DWI summons is 90 days.  This means that the prosecution has up to 90 days to file the drunk driving charges against you.


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