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BryanNovember 7 2018Accident(0)

Nothing is more important to a parent than the safety of a child. Every parent wants their children to be safe while riding in an automobile, especially in the event of a crash. While parents can’t

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BryanOctober 31 2018Accident(0)

They call it an accident for a reason. Nevertheless, if you are behind the wheel in a motor vehicle collision, you have clear obligations.  It might be that you were traveling on Morris Avenue or Bro

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Criminal Court
BryanOctober 31 2018Accident(1)

A few months ago your driving privileges were suspended. Nevertheless, you need to get to work, and your ride seems to have forgotten to pick you up.  The desire to drive yourself compels you to take

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BryanSeptember 12 2018Sobriety Tests(1)

You have just enjoyed a night of partying with your friends but make the unwise decision to get behind the wheel to drive home. You are pulled over by a New Jersey police officer. The officer suspects

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BryanSeptember 5 2018DWI Conviction(2)

No doubt you already know that driving while intoxicated (DWI) can saddle you with some serious consequences. It just takes a second to review  N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 of the New Jersey Statutes to get a ba

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BryanAugust 29 2018Breath Test(0)

You may have been down this road before. However, whether it’s your first DWI stop or your third, there’s something you really should know. Refusing a breath test can cost you. Ironically, it migh

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BryanAugust 22 2018Suppressing Evidence(12)

You might already have some inkling about how suppressing evidence can help you. In some cases, it could be your only hope that the court is coming back with a “Not Guilty” verdict. However, there

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BryanAugust 8 2018DUI / DWI(0)

Just about everyone remembers what it’s like to get behind the wheel for the first time.  For a teenager, it often represents an exhilarating experience. For the parents, it may mean a cause for an

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BryanAugust 3 2018DWI Conviction(2)

Just about everyone knows there are severe ramifications for driving while intoxicated. In fact, NJSA 39:4-50 shows an escalating amount of penalties based on the repetitive nature of the offenses. Wi

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