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BryanAugust 21 2017DUI / DWI(0)

You’ve heard all about blowing into a machine to test for alcohol intoxication. As it now stands, a breathalyzer cannot test for drugs. In a prior article, we explained how charges are pursued again

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BryanAugust 18 2017Shoplifting Charges(0)

We see it all the time in the headlines – people are drawn to behaviors they wouldn’t typically engage in because of harsh economic pressures. One of the most common of these is shoplifting. While

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BryanAugust 14 2017license suspension(0)

Accumulating twelve motor vehicle points is easier than one might think. One citation for improper passing and you’re already a third of the way there. This is a crowded state, not to mention one in

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Municipal court
BryanJune 16 2017DWI traffic offenses(0)

First of all, you should know that’s it not just municipal court. Although New Jersey’s local court system handles lesser type offenses, judges do have power. That extends to not just setting fine

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License Suspension
BryanJune 12 2017Driving on a Suspended License(3)

You should already realize that possession of a driver’s license is considered a privilege. With that in mind, license suspension is viewed as a punishment in select circumstances. However, your att

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Distracted Driving
BryanMay 30 2017Textalyzer(0)

It’s too bad that distracted driving and technology are not an oxymoron. It would certainly be much better if they were a contradiction of terms. Unfortunately, many distracted driving tickets come

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Traffic Ticket
njticketattorneyMay 4 2017Latest Traffic News(1)

To some, ignorance may be bliss. However, when it comes to motor vehicle laws, it may be inexcusable. So, let’s start with NJ’s passing laws. Are you up on them? Or, could you be in danger of rece

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Drinking and Driving
njticketattorneyApril 24 2017DUI offenders(0)

Driving Under the Influence(DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated(DWI) are serious charges. They can result in jail time, loss of driving privileges and heavy fines.A New Jersey DWI attorney can help

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njticketattorneyApril 21 2017Latest Traffic News(0)

Your decision to drive without insurance may purely be financial. Without a doubt, it’s not always easy to come up with premium payments. Perhaps you figure it’s worth the chance. Ultimately, you

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