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Traffic Lawyers in New Jersey

Have you recently received a traffic ticket? Getting a moving violation can have both immediate and long-term consequences. A traffic ticket can result in significant monetary fines and an accumulation of points of your driving records, which can lead to drastic hikes on your automobile insurance premium.

Traffic lawyer-Dan T. MatrafajloIf you or someone you know has been ticketed for a moving violation, it is in your best interest not to plead guilty and to consult with an experienced traffic lawyer in new jersey At the law offices of Dan T. Matrafajlo, we will aggressively fight to dismiss your ticket in order for you to avoid the resulting negative consequences.

Consequences of a Traffic Ticket 

When you receive a ticket, the easiest option may be to simply plead guilty,pay the fine and move on with your life. While this may seem like the easier option, it is actually a more problematic route. A conviction for a ticket can have a significant impact on your driving record, as well as your bank account. When you plead guilty to a traffic violation, it can lead to:

  • License suspension
  • Points on your driving record
  • Significant monetary fines and penalties
  • Serious hikes on your insurance premiums

Perhaps the most significant impact is on your automobile insurance. When you plead guilty to a traffic ticket, the department of motor vehicle will record points on your driving record. In turn, your insurance carrier counts these points when determining your premiums. If you have accumulated more than 8 points on your record, you may be ineligible for standard automobile insurance and will have to pay for a significantly more expensive policy.

Hiring Traffic Lawyers in New Jersey

Just because you have received a ticket, it does not mean that you have to automatically plead guilty, pay the fine, and endure the consequences. Paying a ticket means pleading guilty to the underlying offense, and it is not a decision that should be made hastily. With the help of experienced New Jersey traffic attorney Dan Matrafajlo, you may be able to fight your ticket and avoid the fines and insurance premium hikes.

Attorney Matrafajlo will help you provide the strongest possible defense when you are accused of a traffic violation. He will guide you through the legal process and explain the penalties you face, the options you have for getting a reduction in your points and fines, and the possibility of getting your ticket dismissed altogether.

Got Traffic Tickets? Call Us Now!

If you or someone you know has received a traffic ticket, call New Jersey traffic lawyer Dan Matrafajlo at 908.248.4404 to schedule a free consultation. He will fight for your rights and help you dismiss the violation altogether or at least reduce the charges. Your case will benefit from his expertise and experience, and your pocket will benefit from the extra money in it.

Areas Served:

All across central New Jersey, including: Elizabeth, Newark, New Brunswick, East Brunswick, North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Union, Woodbridge, Linden, Roselle, Roselle Park, South Plainfield, Dunellen, Middlesex, Piscataway, Plainfield, Metuchen, Perth Amboy, South Amboy, South River, Old Bridge, Hillside, Somerset, Sayreville, Cranford, Kenilworth, and Clark.

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  • Superlawyers
  • New jercy association for justice
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  • Jamie D.

    I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case. Danny and his staff are just wonderful! I found my-self calling every other day but all my calls where answered and addressed with optimism. I did screw-up but I am glad I found Danny because he saved me.. Thanks .)

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  • Carmen

    Hi Mr. Matrafajlo, I just wanted to say thank you for your representation today and obtaining a positive outcome in regards to my case. Please don’t take offense, but I hope not to have to meet you again too soon! I will however, recommend your name to anyone in need of a great defense lawyer. Warmest regards, Carmen

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  • Kevin M.

    Thanks for the save. I'll let you know when i get my next ticket.

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  • Elizabeth L

    Thank you for your proactive effort and hard work on my case in the past one month. Thank you for your patience answering all my questions. I am very satisfied at the outcome.

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  • Mohammad S.

    I own a taxi cab business and on occasion I personally drive to pick-up a client/fare when all my employees/ drivers are busy on other dispatches. A few days before New Year ’s Day I had to pick-up a client at the Newark Airport and all my drivers were busy picking up fares, so I decided top pick up the client in my own personal car. Basically, I was stopped by Port Authority Police and issued $7,000.00 in summons. They issued me everything under the sun, such as operating a private vehicle for commercial means, not having a fire extinguisher, not having a license to operate the vehicle as a taxi, etc. I hired Danny and ALL the tickets were dismissed on the trial date. I thought I was going to have to pay some fine but never expected to walk away without even a fine. From that date forward, Danny has and will continue to represent me and all my drivers on any future traffic violations. Thanks again.

    View More

  • Ethan

    I can’t thank Dan enough. I'll be referring him to all my friends!!

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  • Ronny M.

    The best thing I could have done was hire Mr. Danny M. I still can’t pronounce his last name! When I was charged with several traffic offenses I received so many letter advertisements from attorneys promising the world. I didn’t know what attorney to pick. Then my friend told me to give Dan a call because he was the best. Now I can truly say, Danny is the best.

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  • Chris

    Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have been cited for a DWI. Thanks Dan for getting me off…

    View More

  • Stan

    Listen to Dan, especially in court, and you will have no problems!!

    View More

  • Vanessa C.

    I was charged with driving a vehicle without auto insurance, and I thought I would lose my New Jersey driver’s license for a whole year, especially when I felt I had no defenses. If I lost my driver’s license, my life was going to come to a crashing halt because I have a baby girl to take care of without any real family help. All I can say is Dan got me off the charge with a $100.00 fine. I will never ignore an insurance payment, and I am deeply gratefully for Dan’s dedication to my case.

    View More

  • Christina K.

    Thanks Dan for all your help, you saved me a lot of money.

    View More

  • Thomas L.

    Dan has been my attorney for approximately 6 months, the length of my DWI case. I'm extremely happy with Dan's legal services. He answered all my questions, but more importantly, we won the case. When I was initially charged with a DWI I assumed I was going to be found guilty, especially since I was involved in an accident and charged with leaving the scene as well. Even with those circumstances Dan had me acquitted--based on some legal technicality. Dan will be my attorney for life!

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  • Client

    I've used Dan as a lawyer for a plethora of cases and for legal advice, I can whole heartedly tell you that he will be my attorney for life. I've referred him to numerous friends for personal injury, prenuptial, criminal, civil and traffic cases, and they all have been very satisfied with his work and knowledge of the law. Dan will get your case squared away, you can be assured of his fortitude.

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  • Debt Settlement Client

    I've used Danny for all my legal needs for the past four years. I've found that he is a very professional, intelligent, and highly skilled attorney. He's a person who genuinely cares about you, and your case. Danny always conducts himself in an honest, ethical, and forthright manner. He recently saved me a significant amount of money by negotiating a settlement with a major bank. I highly recommend Danny for all your legal needs.

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  • Mike

    I used Mr. Matrafajlo for a personal injury case that occured during work. Mr. Matrafajlo genuinely cared for my well being and ensured that I received a fair settlement. I would defintely recommend Mr. Matrafajlo to my friends and family.

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